Essential Wedding Planning Tips from a Seasoned Planner

wedding planner

We’ve teamed up with Jodie Meyer, a well-respected and extremely in-demand wedding planner, to bring helpful insight to planning your big day.

Here are some top tips for a perfect day …

As an experienced wedding planner, I have seen what works and what complicates an otherwise beautiful day. Here, I’ll share deeper insights into making your special day seamless and memorable.

1. Start with a Solid Foundation: The Guest List

The foundation of a great wedding begins with an accurate guest list. This is more than just names; it’s about understanding who you want to share your day with and ensuring they all fit comfortably within your chosen venue.

Space planning is crucial—allocate enough room per guest to account not only for seating but also for the dance area, buffet setup, and band. Get this right, and half your planning is already smoother.

2. Avoiding Date Disasters: Check for Blackout Dates

One of my indispensable tips is to ensure your wedding date doesn’t collide with local events that could affect guest logistics like accommodation and transport.

Always check the local calendar. I’ve had couples who learned the hard way that a city marathon can mean locked-down streets and overbooked hotels, turning their wedding logistics into a nightmare.

3. The True Value of a Wedding Planner

A competent wedding planner is like a Swiss army knife – versatile and indispensable. We help budget your event, choose vendors, and handle day-of operations.

Think of us as your stress buffer. With a planner, you’re buying peace of mind, ensuring that every element, from venue setup to vendor coordination, is executed flawlessly.

4. The Charm of Destination Weddings

Destination weddings offer a unique charm and a getaway for everyone involved. As a planner, I ensure that the logistics are as breathtaking as the location.

It’s about merging holiday vibes with wedding festivities, ensuring guests enjoy both the destination and the celebration without the hassle of complex travel logistics.

5. Venue Inspection: Beyond Beauty

When inspecting venues, I look beyond the visual appeal. Operational efficiency, cleanliness, and preparedness for unexpected issues (like weather) are equally important.

For instance, checking the service areas ensures your event won’t be disrupted by something as mundane as a poorly timed delivery.

6. Planning for Weather: Always Have a Plan B

Weather can be unpredictable, and it’s essential to plan for all possibilities. Whether it’s incorporating cooling stations for a summer wedding or arranging cosy heaters for a fall reception, always prepare for Mother Nature’s whims.

This foresight ensures that your guests remain comfortable and your festivities continue smoothly, regardless of the weather.

7. Maximizing Your Budget: Credit Rewards and Smart Spending

Leverage credit card rewards when planning your wedding expenses. This strategy can help you stretch your budget further, perhaps even covering part of your honeymoon costs through points earned from vendor payments. It’s smart money management that can offer big rewards.

8. The Magic of Live Music

Music plays a pivotal role in setting the tone for your wedding day. It’s not just background noise; it’s a powerful tool that enhances the emotion and elegance of your ceremony and reception. For those seeking a touch of classical romance, considering a wedding violinist can elevate the atmosphere immensely.

A violinist provides a live, intimate performance that’s both visually and audibly striking, making every moment feel even more special. For a truly magical experience, getting a quote from a professional wedding violinist is highly recommended.

Their expertise can transform your wedding into an unforgettable event with the sweet sounds of the violin.


Your wedding should reflect your personality and love story, with each element crafted to create lifelong memories. Remember, effective planning is key to a stress-free celebration!