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Passion and Expertise:We are a small solo violinist team dedicated to elevating your event with the beauty and elegance of the violin.

We bring a deep passion for music and a wealth of experience. We are not just a typical professional violinist; we’re passionate and versatile violinist team – an expert “virtuoso violinist” group.

Versatility: Our extensive repertoire covers a wide range of musical genres, from classical and contemporary to modern pop. Whether you want the classics or a unique modern touch, we can cater to your preferences.

WeddingViolinist.UK is made up of the UK’s most versatile violinists and can create stunning performances that include classical pieces, modern pop, and more.

Live Performances: Don’t just take our word for it. Watch these live performances to get a taste of the enchanting music our musicians can create.

Client Testimonials: Your peace of mind matters! Read the glowing reviews from previous clients who have experienced our music first-hand.

Their stories and praises are a testament to the stunning atmosphere that we can bring to your event.

Solo violinist | professional violinists

Hiring a solo violinist or wedding violinist is a decision driven by the desire to create a unique and memorable experience for your guests.

Reasons to consider a solo violin include:

Elegance and Sophistication:

A violinist brings an air of refinement to any event. Their presence and music elevate the atmosphere, making it more enchanting and memorable.


A solo violinist can tailor their performance to your specific event and preferences. Whether you want classical pieces, contemporary music, or even a mix of both, they can customize their repertoire to suit your vision.

Emotional Connection:

The violin is known for its ability to convey deep emotions through its music. Our violinist can create a strong emotional connection, making your event more heartfelt and meaningful.

Types of violin music Played by Solo Violinists | classical music through to Pop and Rock!

Solo violinists are incredibly versatile when it comes to the types of music they can perform. From classical to contemporary, the repertoire knows no bounds.

Here are some of the music genres typically covered:

  • Classical Music: Enjoy the timeless beauty of classical compositions by renowned composers such as Mozart, Bach, and Vivaldi. Perfect for formal events and wedding ceremonies.

  • Contemporary Hits: Bring a modern twist to your event with contemporary music. From chart-toppers to popular love songs, a violinist can make these tunes sound even more enchanting.

  • Film Music: If you have a favourite movie soundtrack that holds sentimental value, a violinist can perform these cinematic pieces, creating a memorable experience.

  • Pop and Rock: From classic rock ballads to modern pop songs, a violinist can adapt these hits into their repertoire, adding a unique touch to your event.

The best Violin music comes down to personal taste; however, with our vast experience, we know which pieces will hit the mark for your special occasion.

Hire an acoustic violinist | Classical Violinist

The sound of an acoustic violinist is distinct and unique, characterized by several factors that set it apart from other musical instruments, including electric violins.

Here are some key elements that make the sound of an acoustic violinist different:

  • Acoustic Resonance: Acoustic violins generate sound through the vibrations of their wooden bodies. The hollow body of the instrument acts as a resonator, amplifying and enriching the natural sound produced by the strings. This resonance creates a warm, full, and organic tone that is rich in harmonics and overtones.

  • Unamplified Sound: Unlike electric violins, which rely on electronic amplification to produce their sound, acoustic violins produce music in its pure, unaltered form. This unamplified sound is intimate and transparent, allowing the listener to connect directly with the nuances of the performer’s playing.

  • Dynamic Range: Acoustic violins offer a wide dynamic range, allowing the musician to create a broad spectrum of volume and tonal variations by adjusting their bowing technique, finger pressure, and vibrato. This dynamic control adds expressiveness and emotion to the music.

  • Sensitivity to Touch: The acoustic violin is highly responsive to the touch of the player. Subtle changes in bowing pressure, speed, and contact point on the strings result in noticeable variations in tone and expression, making it an instrument of great finesse.

  • Natural Resonance and Acoustic Feedback: Acoustic violins are designed to naturally resonate and provide feedback to the performer. This allows the musician to adjust their playing in real-time, responding to the instrument’s vibrations and enhancing their musical interpretation.

  • Tonal Variations: Acoustic violins come in a variety of tonewoods, each with its unique acoustic properties. The choice of wood for the top, back, and sides of the violin can significantly influence the instrument’s tonal character.

    Different woods produce varied timbres, offering musicians a range of sonic possibilities.

  • Traditional Aesthetics: The aesthetic appeal of an acoustic violin is often a factor in its allure. The traditional craftsmanship, varnish, and design contribute to the instrument’s charm and historical significance.

  • Resonant Spaces: Acoustic violinists often choose venues and settings that take advantage of natural acoustics, such as concert halls, churches, and intimate spaces. These environments enhance the instrument’s resonance and create a unique acoustic experience.

electric violinist | electric violin

Electric Violin

Here’s why electric violinists are an excellent choice for various events:

  • Electric Violin For Weddings: Your wedding day is a unique and cherished event. An electric violinist can set the mood with their versatile repertoire, adapting seamlessly from classical to contemporary tunes.

    Whether you want to add elegance to the wedding ceremony, create a romantic ambience during the cocktail hour, or infuse energy into the reception, their performance can be tailored to your personal style.

  • Electric Violin For Corporate Events: For corporate gatherings like product launches, awards ceremonies, and upscale galas, an electric violinist can add sophistication and memorability.

    Their music can be the perfect backdrop for these professional settings, setting the tone or even taking centre stage to engage and captivate your audience.

  • Electric Violinists At Private Parties: For intimate celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries, an electric violinist brings a touch of luxury and exclusivity. They can customize their playlist to match the mood of your event, creating a personalized and resonating musical experience for your guests.

  • Concerts and Festivals: Electric violinists are not just confined to traditional venues. They’re making their mark in music festivals and live events, covering an array of genres.

    From classical melodies to electrifying rock and electronic dance music, their performance can enchant and leave a lasting impression.

  • Fashion Shows: In the world of fashion, music plays a pivotal role. Electric violinists can add drama and excitement to your runway show, enhancing the overall experience and providing models with a unique and captivating soundtrack.

  • Art Exhibitions: For art enthusiasts, the harmony between visual and auditory art is a powerful combination.

    An electric violinists music can create an immersive and artistic experience, enhancing the impact of the artwork at gallery openings and exhibitions.

  • Charity and Fundraising Events: When organizing charity events, consider an electric violinist to set a philanthropic mood and inspire attendees to support your cause.

  • Music can be a driving force in making a significant impact and creating a memorable event.

Violinist as Background Music:

A skilled violinist can play a crucial role in creating a sophisticated and atmospheric backdrop for events without taking the center stage. Here’s how a violinist excels in this role:

Atmosphere Enhancement: A violinist’s performance can set the tone for an event, infusing it with elegance and charm.

Their melodic and harmonious tunes can add a touch of class to a variety of occasions, from intimate dinners to upscale receptions. Instrumental music is the perfect choice.

Enhancing Experience: Violinists specializing in background music aim to create a truly immersive experience.

Their choice of repertoire aligns with the event’s theme and purpose, enhancing the overall enjoyment and leaving a lasting impression.

Subtle Presence: Violinists in this role understand the importance of subtlety. They strike a delicate balance, being present enough to be noticed but not so overpowering as to disrupt conversations and connections among the guests.

Versatility: Violinists have the versatility to adapt to different styles and genres, making them suitable for various events. Whether it’s classical, contemporary, or even fusion, the choice of music depends on the desired ambiance and the event’s character.

Violinist as the Star of the Show:

When a violinist takes on the role of being the star of the show, they step into the spotlight, captivating the audience with their exceptional talent. Here’s what distinguishes virtuoso violinists in this role:

Centre of Attention: The spotlight shines squarely on the violinist. Their virtuosic performance makes them the focal point of the event, commanding the full attention of the audience.

Engaging Performance: To be the star of the show, a violinist’s performance needs to be highly engaging. It often includes solo acts, breathtaking displays of technical prowess, or featured performances that showcase the full range of the violin’s capabilities.

Showmanship: Star violinists often combine their musical brilliance with showmanship. They may incorporate choreography, stage presence, and lighting effects to create a visually stunning and unforgettable performance.

Highlighting Key Moments: In certain situations, the star virtuoso violinists are chosen to accentuate critical moments of the event.

Whether it’s a headlining act at a classical concert, a grand solo performance during a prestigious gala, or a special guest artist at a high-profile event, their role is to leave a lasting impact.

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