Violinist For Wedding Cost

A Definitive Guide to Violinists for Wedding Cost

Welcome to the definitive guide on the cost of wedding violinists, brought to you by Wedding Violinist UK

Are you wondering about the cost of a violinist for your wedding?

Prices are usually between £300 – £500 on average for a wedding ceremony and during photos & drinks. However they can start from as low as £99 for a 30-minute “ceremony only” set.

Travel expenses will of course, be at an additional cost. We have violinists covering all areas of the UK and always use the best, most local musicians to keep costs to a minimum.

Our versatile violinist will be able to accommodate most special requests, sheet music for solo violin will typically be charged separately.

So – look no further for a solo violinist who can set the perfect tone for your special day. Our professional violinists offer a magical experience that is not only enchanting but also budget-friendly.

Solo Violin | Solo Violinist | Solo Violinists

Immerse your wedding in the enchanting sounds of our violinists. With expertise across genres, our solo violinists offer a captivating performance that surpasses expectations.

Electric Violinist | Electric Violin | Electric Violin Players

Electric Violin

Take your celebration to the next level with the modern vibes of an electric violin. Our electric violinists bring a contemporary twist to traditional tunes, ensuring a unique and memorable experience. Want to know the cost of hiring an electric violinist?

We provide affordability without compromising on the electrifying atmosphere. Enquire about our electric violinist hire today.

Virtuoso Violinists | Professional Violinist Within Budget

Our professional violinists bring class and sophistication to your wedding ceremony. Whether it’s a classical masterpiece or a modern hit, our musicians are versatile and cater to diverse musical preferences.

The cost to hire a professional violinist is surprisingly affordable, offering an exquisite musical backdrop to your special day.

Versatile Musical Options

Craft a symphony tailored to your taste with our versatile violinists. Whether you desire a solo performance, a duet, or a full ensemble, our musicians can adapt to your vision.

From wedding ceremonies to cocktail hours and receptions, our versatile violinists create the perfect ambience for each moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have a live violinist at a wedding?

Discover the perfect balance of affordability and elegance with our live violinist services. Our rates ensure that you receive a mesmerizing performance without exceeding your budget.

Is one violinist enough for a wedding?

Absolutely! Our solo violinists are skilled in creating a captivating atmosphere, providing a memorable experience for you and your guests. The magic of a solo violin player can transform your wedding into a musical masterpiece. Whther for background music or as a highlight of the event, one violinist is the perfect choice.

How much do violin players cost?

Explore our cost-effective packages for a solo violinist and violin players. We ensure that you receive exceptional musical talent without breaking the bank. Get in touch for a quick quote for your wedding ceremony today.

Do violinists get paid a lot?

We believe in providing fair rates for our talented violinists. Our rates are structured to provide a balance between affordability for clients and fair remuneration for our skilled musicians.

Embark on your musical journey with us, where elegance meets affordability. Elevate your wedding with the timeless allure of live violin music – a symphony of love awaits!

Do you provide backing tracks?

Yes, we do provide backing tracks. Our backing tracks are professionally recorded to ensure a high-quality musical accompaniment that complements the solo violinist’s performance. This meticulous recording process guarantees a seamless and enchanting musical experience for your event. Backing tracks are provided at no extra cost to the final quote provided.

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